Julian Horseback Riding
Julian Horseback Riding:  Our experienced trail ride guide will  take you on gentle, well trained trail horses around beautiful naturally preserved ranch lands.  Hills and woodlands, meadows and water courses fill our charming Julian valley.  We offer a very personal and unique horseback riding experience.

What You Will See ...

Trail riding on the Kenner Ranch takes you up to mountain vistas, through peaceful meadows, oak woodlands,  and past secluded ponds brimming with small mouth bass.

The Kenner Ranch retains the charm of its ranching history.  Rides through the ranch preserve are offered for one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours.  The ranch preserve encompasses over 200 acres of beautiful mountain backcountry.

The Horses

The horses are the Kenner's horses, used on the ranch for the purposes of ranch operations.  Each horse has its unique personality and history and charm.  We feel confident that you will enjoy our horses as much as we do.  They have been raised with love and reciprocate with sweet gentle natures.


The Cuyamaca mountains are filled with wildlife.  On the Kenner Ranch, sightings of deer, bobcats, turkeys, hawks and mountain blue jays are common.  Over 30 different species of birds have been observed in a single day here. 
Alpine flowers share the meadows with native grasses, a perfect setting for the wild turkeys to wander and peck.  Hawks, owls, and other birds of prey rise from surrounding trees to circle the open areas in search of unwary ground squirrels.  An occasional lone bobcat emerges from stands of hardy manzanita that hug the hills to wander the meadows before disappearing once again into the undergrowth .  Woodlands of  oak, pine, and cedar create shaded glens for the deer to quietly roam through, while the noisy mountain blue jays dart from branch to ground and back again.
Cattails and willow trees line the ponds, a nesting sanctuary for birds escaping from harsh northern winters, as well as many varieties that remain here year-round.
We feel very fortunate to share our hills and meadows with our animal neighbors.  We cannot guarantee sightings, but we are happy to alter portions of our trail ride enjoy the wildlife when it appears.  

Pricing & Availability

Horseback rides are $50 / person per hour.  We ask that you contact us for a reservation.

You may make a reservation by calling or Emailing:

See you here!

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Hello Kathleen,

Thank you so much for the great time and adventure yesterday. Kenner Horse Ranch executed a fabulous all day adventure.  You and your family were one of the most accommodating guides we have experienced.

Please tell Brian and Conner thank you, from all of us.  The horses were all well behaved, especially for the early season and each and every one of us had a great time.  The horse trail ride was a wonderful mix of beauty, wildlife, rivers, smells and what views!

Your attention to detail and natural way of teaching each of us was much appreciated, from those of us who had decades of riding experience to the novice, your personal touch shined.

There was not a single request that we made that you did not make reality. 
You are a gift to your profession and a blessing to our day. Thank you very much.  It was a great day!! We hope to see you again soon,
                                                                        Rand and family.

Hi Kathleen-
We had a great time on our ride. We wanted to thank you & Jennifer for being so wonderful. Colette said that was the best part of our trip (we even stopped at the Wild Animal Park on the way back).

                                        Thanks again,
                                        Pat, Katia, Colette & Anya

Greetings Kathleen,

We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful day and ride... (we) loved the ride and really enjoyed you and your family. Pat has always been kind of tentative on a horse and she has not stopped talking about Spot. "I loved riding Spot."
I, too, loved Raven. She's a doll. Anytime we want to ride we'll be calling. 
The concept of your Ranch is fantastic...It's an amazing place with amazing people...

                                        Take great care,
                                        Stephanie (Pat, Don, and Diane)

...I loved the feeling of being on our own trail ride, as opposed to a big long line,...and feeling like we were on a "real" farm.  Your attitude and graciousness was very much appreciated...I will come back with the rest of my family.

                                        Beth (Christine 11, and Sean 10)
"We camped in the Anza Borrego desert during the wildflower season but wanted to include something more memorable for our kids and stumbled across the Integrity stables at Kenner Ranch - a true family operation.

This is one of the few places where younger kids can ride on trails and the experience exceeded our expectations. It is also the only place in the area that could easily handle a family of 6.

The Kenner family, Kathleen and Brian, takes a hands on role in making sure every thing works perfectly. While we were getting each horse ready to ride, the weather started coming in and they helped us get warmer. When the weather got bad they cut the ride short but were flexible and set a time the next day to pick up where we let off.

Despite the wildfires, The ranch is in good shape and the trail goes around the perimeter of the property, into the mountains then down through the valleys and meadows. We visited in March of 2005 so the ranch had received a lot of rain and the green was everywhere. In the higher parts, the trees were burned out. The only upside to the destruction was better views of the surrounding valley.

Kathleen was aided by her partner Penny and husband brian, three intelligent people who have a lot to share about horses, Julian, and the historical farm they manage. They were great!"

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